About the department

The department was established in 2004, and it is considered one of the university’s key scientific departments. The department’s policy is based on enhancing the academic capabilities of the faculty members at our university by providing opportunities to study at reputable universities. In addition to creating channels for international communication and cultural exchange and developing academic programs in accordance with the policies and instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and in line with the visions and goals of our university,.

Therefore, the department sent a large number of our university staff to complete their postgraduate studies outside Iraq and in many other countries around the world through several study channels (missions, fellowships, and study leaves), which effectively contributed to providing our university with solid academic bases based on science and knowledge.

Furthermore, many memoranda of understanding and cooperation mechanisms have been concluded with international universities that have a high scientific and organizational reputation.

In addition, in order to maintain scientific communication, knowledge transfer, and academic development, the department has sent many faculty members from our university, according to the research fellowship program, to reputable international academic universities, centers, and institutions, according to scientific research programs approved by our university.

Our department includes two sections:
1. Students Affairs Abroad Section
2. Cultural Relations Section

The Cultural Relations Section has several units, as shown below:
1- International Students Unit.
2- International Projects Unit.
3- Preparing Memorandums of Understanding Unit.

4-European Union Project Unit (Erasmus +)